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Part 2 - Navigating Social Media Compliance: Essential Guidelines for Small-Cap Public Companies

Bullish on Digital: Transforming small-cap social media narratives
BULLVISION Consulting Inc.

📘 Dive into Part 2 of BULLVISION Consulting Inc. Small-Caps Social Media LinkedIn Series! In the dynamic world of social media, small-cap public companies face the delicate task of balancing compliance with innovative engagement.

In this digital age, public companies face unique challenges navigating social media. The first chapter of BULLVISION's e-book takes a deep dive into this, drawing inspiration from Warren Buffett's integrity and ethical conduct principles. Buffett wisely said, "In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first one, the other two will kill you." This quote sets the tone for exploring social media governance in the corporate world.

The Importance of Integrity

Integrity is a moral virtue and a public company's necessity in social media interactions. It is vital for maintaining a good reputation, compliance with the regulators, and trust among investors. Aligning with Buffett's wisdom helps mitigate legal risks and protect the company's public image.

Crafting a Social Media Governance Policy

A clear social media governance policy is crucial in today's digital era. This policy is a guide for managing your corporate online presence, ensuring consistent, compliant messaging across various platforms.

Essential Components of the Policy

  • Authorized Posting: Identifying who can post on the company's behalf controls messaging and prevents misinformation.

  • Content Creation and Approval: Roles and processes for content creation and approval ensure alignment with company objectives and compliance standards.

  • Monitoring and Responsibility: Monitoring social media mentions, and responses is essential for maintaining a positive reputation.

  • Employee Training: Training staff and consultants on policy guidelines reduce non-compliance risk.

  • Regulatory Considerations: Canadian companies must consider the CSA Staff Notice 51-348, while U.S. companies should look at FINRA's Regulatory Notice 17-18.

Act Now - Get Your Free eBook

Gain invaluable insights into social media compliance for public companies. Download BULLVISION Consulting Inc. comprehensive e-book "CRACKING THE CODE: A Social Media Roadmap for Small-Cap Public Companies" for a dive into these critical topics and equip your company with essential social media governance knowledge.

A well-defined social media governance policy is not just about compliance; it's about building a foundation of integrity. By incorporating these guidelines, public companies can achieve long-term success and maintain a strong presence in the digital world.


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